Window Cleaning

Years of experience equals spotless care

Yes, we expertly “do windows!” As part of Facilico’s customized janitorial program, you may schedule standard window cleaning service for the interior and/or exterior of your building. Our trained crews do a neat and efficient job.

Working according to your preferred schedule

Especially for interior window washing, after-hours cleaning can easily be scheduled that will not interrupt your work flow or inconvenience your visitors. Window care may be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or according to your specifications. For example, you may request exterior cleaning more frequently, and inside /outside washing less frequently.

First-class cleaning by our uniformed staff

The truth is that window cleaning can be a messy process when done by inexperienced or improperly-equipped staff. Facilico provides experienced technicians who get the job done in the least time with the most-efficient methods and equipment. That translates to client-appreciated extras like using drop cloths when needed to protect indoor surfaces. We can also address special needs of certain facilities, such as cleaning skylights, light fixtures or chandeliers.

Plus additional exterior cleaning options available

Along with outside window cleaning, we can take care of your other cleaning requirements like sidewalks, driveways and fences with our pressure washing systems. Facilico offers a complete outdoor maintenance package.

Get started!
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