Trash Removal

A labor-intensive task made simple

Would you have guessed that 17% of custodial hours are spent emptying trash? This is the statistic revealed by a 2002 survey in Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine. That’s why we have developed efficient strategies for accomplishing this important task that contributes so heavily to your overall image.

Facilico’s Janitorial services will leave you worry-free in the area of trash removal from your workspaces, dining areas, reception areas, restrooms, etc.- wherever trash accumulates!

Maintaining a pleasant-looking, odor-free environment
Frequent upkeep is the key to overcoming trash accumulation problems, as well as the timely and proper replacement of trash can liners in trash and recycling bins to ensure safe, clean removal.

Our basic trash removal procedure includes:

  • Emptying trash
  • Changing trash liners
  • Removing trash to dumpster

Additional service may include:

  • Cleaning trash cans
  • Emptying recycling containers
  • Removing recyclables to designated bins – for a further description of how we organize recycling, see Recycling.

Customized daily service options

Facilico offers flexible plans customized for your specific needs. Most larger facilities require a daily trash removal plan which might, for example, be handled by both the evening cleaning crew and also during the workday by a day porter. Although trash removal is a simple procedure, it is the attention to detail in the process that determines its efficacy.

Get started!
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