Sweeper and Scrubber Operations

Faster maintenance for large facility flooring

For speedy, professional care of your large-area tile, stone, concrete and similar floors and hallways, Facilico utilizes the most up-to-the minute cleaning vehicle, the combination sweeper/scrubber/dryer. This efficient machine has virtually replaced mopping for larger surfaces. It’s cleaner, faster and even safer, eliminating the problematical bucket method, and creating faster drying time, a real benefit to all.

Keeping customers and workers safer and healthier

Besides the improved image that clean floor spaces ensure, there are other important benefits to be gained from regular Facilico sweeper/scrubber maintenance of your facility’s large floor spaces: a professional cleaning operation, reduced contamination, and less dust, which equates to better inventory maintenance.

Especially applicable to warehouses, plants and schools

Sweeper/scrubber floor cleaning is an important part of our janitorial services for larger facilities such as warehouses, educational facilities, manufacturing plants, food and beverage operations, sports and recreational facilities and large retail facilities. Car park garages and ramps are also efficiently cleaned with this service.

For further information on other hard floor systems care, see Carpet and Hard Floor Care.


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