Recycling makes it easier for you to be greener!

We all know we should recycle, but often busy work schedules interfere with the proper disposal of aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles and paper waste in the workplace. As part of Facilico’s comprehensive Janitorial services, we offer help with basic organization of your daily recycling effort throughout your facility.

Facilitating everyone’s participation

You may request the placement of designated recycle bins at each desk or workstation. This is the most efficient way we have found to institute a recycling process for our clients that becomes a welcome habit in the everyday routine.

We place two containers at each desk, one for trash, one for recyclables. You have the option of providing your own recycle bins/trash cans or having Facilicio buy them for you.

The recycle bins will be emptied and liners replaced along with your regular trash emptying service. We will properly dispose of the emptied recyclables and trash in your designated receptacles.

Demonstrating corporate social responsibility

We are pleased to help you institute this gratifying and environmentally beneficial service. With only a small amount of additional effort, recycling can be a reliable part of your trash removal system from Facilico.

Get started!

Want to include recycling in your customized Janitorial program? To find out more, you’re welcome to use our handy Request A Quote form.