Lighting Maintenenace

Optimum visibility for safety and beauty

From the smallest light bulb to the property floodlights, Facilico offers lighting services to help keep your premises consistently bright as they are intended to be.

Bulb replacement and cleaning of light fixtures

You’ll be pleased to know you can delegate the chore of changing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes to our trained and insured team when you contract with Facilico for Janitorial services. Beyond bulb replacement, we have staff to handle fixture replacement or minor electrical repairs when needed. Of course there are some exceptions for unusual fixtures, those which are dangerously out of reach, etc.

Exterior lighting upkeep can be added to your outdoor program

Because outdoor lights and night lighting also need frequent attention, Facilico offers customized options to accomplish this aspect of your maintenance. The changing of light bulbs, spotlights and floodlight bulbs can be an integral part of the customized program you create with us.

For clients who choose our Outdoor Maintenance services, exterior lighting care is part of the offering. Our landscape staff will be alert for the need to trim shrubs along walkways and driveways to keep them from blocking light sources.