Clean Room Services

Maintaining atmospherically controlled environments (Clean Rooms)

The challenge of cleaning the clean room is one that Facilico meets with pride. Our janitorial technicians receive special training in clean room specifications for contamination control. We are knowledgeable about microscopic and macroscopic particles and the necessity of minimizing particulate contamination to designated levels.

Observing your Clean Area Maintenance Check List

Our staff follows your company clean area procedures exactly to assure that requirements are being properly met. The Facilico crew is familiar with wearing clean room garments, observing the proper gowning procedure and air shower entry as they begin their cleaning assignments. Their job is to protect your products and room environment from contamination by particulate matter on floors, walls, fixtures and equipment.

Using approved tools, materials and methods

Although the Clean Room looks totally clean to the naked eye, we realize that the result of our cleaning work is critical to your technical operation. Facilico carefully trains our people to understand the importance of cleaning in prescribed ways that reduce microscopic contamination to the specified level of particles per square foot that your facility holds to.

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