Cardboard Bailing Operations

Getting a grip on a time consuming chore

Does your facility have frequent deliveries, leaving you with piles of cardboard cartons to break down and bundle? Our Facilico staff is ready to help.

You may add cardboard bailing operations to your janitorial contract

It makes sense to have Facilico technicians handle your cardboard removal. This time-intensive task that takes your employees away from other important duties is much better delegated to our Janitorial staff. First, we consult with you regarding your unique situation and then arrange a bailing system/schedule which takes into account the amount of cardboard to be handled and the frequency of removal.

Appropriately collecting, placing or removing

Our large facility clients have carts or dumpsters on premises designated for cardboard recycling, and may also have carts which collect the cardboard from various areas. We will follow your established bailing procedure, or, if you do not have a system in place, your Facilico representative will work with you to implement one.

Get started!
We’re happy to suggest the most efficient ways to keep your facility neat and clean! Contact Facilico by phone or email to speak with one of our staff.