Pharmaceutical Production Facilities

Sensitive Environments Need Special Care

Pharmaceutical and other biotechnological production facilities require a special type of cleaning program—one that not only addresses the appearance and overall cleanliness of the building, but one that takes into account cross-contamination, clean rooms and regulatory compliance. From a clean parking lot and exterior to a spotless entrance and common areas, special care must be taken each step of the way to ensure the integrity of your manufacturing process. Beyond that, a facility maintained to the highest standards projects a capable, controlled, and professional image to visitors, clients, and employees.

Customized Service for Any Facility

Whether your facility requires a comprehensive janitorial and maintenance program or periodic services, Facilico takes into account the fine details of your facility and your budget to create a customized service plan suited to your unique needs. Laboratories, clean rooms, production floors and offices require different types of care, and Facilico is equipped to address them all with our industry-leading solutions. Here are a few of the commercial cleaning services we offer:

  • Landscaping
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Pressure washing & window cleaning
  • General cleaning & Green cleaning programs
  • Clean room services
  • Hard and soft floor care
  • Bailing operations
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting maintenance
  • Hazardous waste removal
Standardized Systems for Quality Assurance

In pharmaceutical production facilities, a breakdown in the proscribed cleaning process is more than an inconvenience. Even a small amount of cross-contamination can shut down an entire production line and lead to product recalls. Our dedicated, building-specific teams ensure that each Facilico staff member servicing your property is trained, managed, and assessed according to your specifications, regulations, and procedures. Facilico staff members are well-versed in the necessity of appropriate garments, gowning procedures, air shower entry and particle management.

Partnerships Based on Knowledge and Communication

With over 30 years in the janitorial and maintenance industry and a growing regional presence, we’ve gained the trust and confidence of clients across all industries by delivering on our promise of quality service, fair pricing, and personal attention. Systematic, procedure-based protocols ensure a clean, safe, and attractive facility while frequent communication quickly addresses issues, challenges and opportunities for improvement.

We invite you to explore what sets us apart. Give us a call today to find out how we can make a positive difference in the appearance and cleanliness of your pharmaceutical production or biotech facility.