Outdoor Maintenance

Before they even walk into your facility, your clients and visitors should feel welcomed to your business by the clean, organized look that precedes your front door. This preceding image should give an overall sense of the pride and dedication you put into all aspects of your facility. The exterior and grounds are also the last impression of your facility your visitors will see. With our help, you can make it a lasting impression rather than just the last impression.

Facilico cares about all parts of your outdoor maintenance and will ensure that each is maintained with the utmost thought and care. All your lawn and landscaping needs are considered, including maintaining the lawn, planting flowers and shrubs, raking leaves and keeping all your plants a brilliant shade of green. The parking lot is also an important section of your facility’s exterior and we strive to make sure that it is clean and clear of trash and other offending items such as leaves or pine straw. Lastly, your building is one of your company’s largest investments and Facilico will put its full force into keeping it looking spotless by utilizing our many exterior maintenance services, including: window washing, pressure washing and lighting maintenance.

Facilico strives to maintain a clean, crisp and certainly green exterior to your facility and help you exude the dedication and work ethic you hold so close throughout the entire premises.

To fulfill all your outdoor maintenance needs, we offer a number of services including:

• Lawn and Landscape Services
• Parking Lot Maintenance
• Exterior Lighting
• Pressure Washing
• Exterior Window Cleaning
• Snow Removal
• Trash Removal

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